Tipsy by 9

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Last night I was in curious about number nine
Many articles said number nine is the perfection number
All that related with nine come back to nine
Try the multiplications of nine and see the results
Plus the two digits all will come in nine
Some say nine is "God's number" pretty much convincing 
But still not catch the correlations God with nine
Seek for further they offered some calculation of pythagorean 
Mind squeezing, brain stunned, black out, tipsy by nine

2x9= 18=1+8= 9
3x9= 27= 2+7= 9
4x9= 36= 3+6= 9
5x9= 45= 4+5= 9
And so on...

1st place
9 contest
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