free cee MRS SOCIETY WEARS IT TO ALL FORMAL EVENTS this made my girlfriend weep

Written by: jeffry cohan


So they trekked up the mountain covered with snow
surrounded by white with only one place to go
they were headed for a place where money could be made
but the job they do leaves so many squealing and afraid

spurs on their shoes and the dollar sign in their eyes
each step brings them closer to the clear blue skies
ice picks, shovels and the all important implement
and none of these men deserve any form of compliment

footsteps bring them nigh to their prey
because this is a job with mighty good pay
it just requires heartlessness and a dark heart
with selfishness playing it's specious part

suddenly they come into vision at rest
just living snowballs about to face their final test
mallets and hammers paint the white with red
so Mrs. Society can wear the fur of a baby seal beaten until they were dead
            © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~