free cee Z

Written by: jeffry cohan

         *******HE SHUTTER

I really must commend you
on how well you command me
“do this,” says you and I do as you say
you can command me to stay or to run away

it's all up to you as to what will be
the decisions are never made by me
where we will go and what we will do
I just get my commandments from you

when to wake up and when to go to sleep
when to milk the cow and when to sheer the sheep
it's all a matter of what you think should be done
you are the commander of a lonely one

plant the flowers, paint the shutter
make the cheese and *******he butter
well i'm turning the tables and now i'm in command
and baby there are a few directives you'd better understand

number one directive is to leave me alone
if I need your advice i'll telephone
now I need you to come over and mow the grass
and my last order is to shove something sharp up your a*s
              © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~f!~