A Cry For Help: Part Two

Written by: Kevin C. Martin

(Continued from A Cry For Help: Part One)

Their problems are our problems.
If we love our neighbors as ourselves, then their problems become our problems.
I know this is not the happy ending you have been searching for, but it is true.
And oftentimes, the truth is not pretty.
The truth hurts.
This is not dolled up or fancied, it is the truth.
But there is hope now,
And at the end of our dim-lit tunnel because there always is.
Light will be there too,
Shining optimism and a bright future upon us all.
So, maybe we share the same problems in that we all have the same problems.
The time is here to start the solution.
Let this be your call to action.
This is not a remark on government
And this is not a commentary on government.
Simply, this is a man,
Down on his knees,
Begging for someone to care.
This is a woman,
In hand with her child,
Standing at the check-out counter with a dime in her hand,
Needing someone to care.
This is not a political strategy;
This is a cry for help and assistance in a world that so desperately needs someone to offer a hand.
This is a cry for help in a world who needs to know the pain is almost over.
This is a cry for help.
The world needs help.
Please, help me be this help.
Smile, because there is action to take. 
Smile, because everything will be alright.