Written by: Mest Kiphen

The plan for escape comes together, 
Desperate to leave the past behind. 
Ready to venture out the front door, 
Unsettling thoughts consume the mind. 

Frightened feet reluctant to step out, 
Fragile courage quickly collapses. 
Fingers cross, hoping for a moment, 
Ruthless reality relaxes. 

The blinding sun uncovers secrets, 
Hidden beneath a reticent face. 
As the path begins to meander, 
Towards an unfamiliar place. 

Exhausted legs carry hopeless dreams, 
Towards paradise in the distance. 
Doubt extinguishes anxious desire, 
Reminiscing blissful ignorance. 

Determined to find new direction, 
Ignoring the strong urge to look back. 
The winding labyrinth never ends, 
Insanity births a maniac.