Poured Out And Wasted

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Now there's been some times in my life and some situations
That looked all impossible, but that dosn't mean I didn' face em
I didn't hide and and I did'nt cry
I took it like a Soldier looking the Devil in the eye
And I seen a lot of evil and things that wasn;t pleasant
Went through a lot of hell trying to find my piece of Heaven
I seen a lot of hard times I never thought I would'nt see
Changed a lot of heart's and mind's that never thought of me
And you cuold say I've had a lot of friends
And yeah! I've been betrayed by a kiss
But I never thought I was slick
I'll take the worse and never call it quits
Never trust a b^tch, never love a ho
Never let the Devil in my soul
And all the times I felt cold
Listening to my own voice echo
Jailed and back for more
Hoped and never let go
Forbidden, restricted, trusted, but never loved
Poured out and wasted
But still I ain't never gave up