Lest we forget

Written by: Seren Roberts

I want to forget the headlines
Or stated by the news team
Another soldier shot dead
Makes me want to scream

The family must  be distraught
With it blasted  on the news
Do the news editors ever give a thought
Of how this is shattering to the nerves

I am not saying that we shouldn't know
But not in such a dramatic way
As though the government worries
About a single life so far away

The bodies are flown home
People line the streets in respect
Everytime a plane has landed
The people of Wootten Bassett*

I would like to forget these scenes
But if I let it happen
I wouldn't be any better 
Than our government  who allows 
these girls and boys
To return home in a coffin

* Wootten Bassett. Is the small town and the route that the cars take from the plane to wherever they are heading.
Each and every coffin is given this respect no matter what time of day or night it arrives.