Falls And Flights

Written by: Larisa Rzhepishevska

From the sky to the land, 

It’s so painful! 

First thought: 


It’s the last flight! 

But then again 

we look at the sky 

and wish to fly. 

This is our human nature. 

We forget about danger 

and again look for adventure. 

We are strange, strong and weak, 

something more we seek. 

As only the wounds heal 

 we again feel to fly 

up to the sky, 

surprising God with our wish 

that flourish and vanish. 

We believe only in a good dream 

after so many falls and anguish. 

We have not enough life, 

we have not enough sky, 

we have not enough time, and it flies. 

Thousand times we make new tries 

and…after all 

start from the very beginning, 

looking for a new sporting. 

This is the rotation of life: 

falls and flights, 

up to the end 

my dearest friend.