Written by: Christina Wiliams

** I wrote this poem because I have been feeling down that I can't help someone I love overcome an addiction somehow and it has been making very sad.



Rain pours down.

Making it hard for him to find the hope through the drops of negativity.


Each day to him it is raining,

there is never the sun in the sky.


Even when the rain lets up a little and a hint of sunshine shines through the cracks.

He is ready to start paddling again.


For that one last drop of rain will create a pour in his eyes.


Slowly he feels the need to cling to something to cause him not to drown.

He turns to the idea of forgetting his problems with a special drink.


Letting the liquid slowly go through his body.

Putting his memory in forget mode.

As he puts his body into cruise control and cruises his hand to another drink.


Will he every stop or will he keep going?

I only hope I kind find the remote and press the stop button,

And stop him from filling his body with poison.