What Better Christmas

Written by: Toheeb Tiamiyu

What better christmas
What better festive period
Than that which you are graced to see
Seeing you oh christmas
Is enough joy, 
That is my celebration.
Its not the shoe i wear, 
Its not the cloth I bought,
Not my hairstyle,
Nor the place i go,
Its not about the gifts
Or the drinks,
Tisnt the bangers
Nor the fireworks,
Neither is it the rice,
And not the big-fried-goat-meat,
But my joy
Is just my presence
In this festive period,
This i celebrate for.

What better christmas
Than that which is filled with laughter,
What better laughter
Than that you share
With loved ones.
What better festive period
Than that wherein
Your loved ones are alive
To share with you
That is the best christmas.