Mega-Churches R Us

Written by: Eugene Harvey

Superstars of the pulpit
Churchianty’s top guns
Entertaining the masses
As never fore been done,

Hopeless souls throng
All seeking redemption
Fearful of death’s call
To lifeless apprehension,

Christian soldiers living
In trenches of unsaved
Set free from temptation
Yet evermore enslaved,

Each shopping for God
In sanctuaries misplaced
Ne’er once made aware
Of falsehoods embraced,

A faithful ‘Jesus Market’
Of emotive prayerful tears
Well-liked pastorpreneurs
Greedily push their wares,

True pulpits of merchandise
Devoted only to joyful mirth
As living dead quarantined
Yearn for spiritual rebirth,

Charismatic preachers offer
Needless souvenirs for sale
In brand identity crusades
All flourishing without fail,

Religiosity’s pop cultural
Spiritual shopping malls
Of commercialized gab’s
Choreographed alter calls,

Offers of hollow slogans
Faux health wealth gain
Keen Christian entertainers
Often repetitious refrain,

A watered-down version
Of faithful never-ending
Chaos spiritual revival
Of ‘Great Awakening’

© Eugene Harvey