Written by: bright githui

Only footsteps I see into the distance
You have gone ahead of your brothers and sisters
Your friends and loved ones
You may not have favoured it early
And I needed an ally
But I trust his wisdom
Him who has welcomed you home
For all is a journey to greener fields
Not one will stay because he builds
Indeed I see it an honour
That he chose you not to ponder
The strife of this life’s time
So you see first peace and calm.
I’m on savages’ palms
But who knows when the saviour comes?
I know you’ll be by the gates golden
To receive me into the beautiful gardens
Where else can I call home,
But where good people like you come,
Come to for all eternity?
Oh, How I cherish the time
It was for me that prime
When you graced our lives
With your charming laughter
That, we’ll always remember
Your true friendship forever
For now farewell my friend
Till we meet at the road’s end

                                       Bright Githui