now Iam your beloved

Written by: bright githui

An act of contempt is hard to forget
It’s to vilify one with its venom to  act
Then it’s toward revenge that one is tempted to move
The bitterness it tethers one to is hard to remove
Just yesterday you exterminated, crushed my heart
But today, now I am your beloved?
And that you’ve not imbibed vodka is an art
Trying to fool me, to bewitch me with your darkest art
I tell you, I shall not abide
No matter how your legs wide
Today I shall play the pristine priest
And inexorably deny the devil’s feast
Yesterday you may have been my beloved
But looking back, I think I may have been bewitched
And you too, If I am your beloved
And I wish you the same in that
In that luscious and of thorns a bed 
                                               Bright Githui