forbidden love

Written by: diane christian

my darling you know its you that i miss
and wish i could hold you and give you
a  smoochy  kiss
but i can only love you from afar
but will be thinking of you
no matter where you are
we can never be together this i know is true
but deep in my heart
you know ill always belong to you
so another time another place
we could be you and me
forbidden love is the hardest thing to bear
when you carnt even tell that special person
how much you care
when their heart is divided in too
its best to stay away so they dont
end up hurting you
they  say  that in love you can not loose
but my love
there can only be one person in your life
and  now its time for you to choose
may be we will meet again another place another  time
maybe in another place you will be mine.

this poem is  just for poetry
for anyone stuck in a love triangle
where you like someone and they like you and someone else
at the same time
forbidden love.