Obscure Dreams


Luminous countenance obscurity awaits,
Impending dusk contemplates.
Engorged sphere rests in celestial stillness,
Enlightening the unwillingness.
Onyx canvas awaits the magical spell,
Fortunes foretold yearning to tell.
Amber glow come forth boldly bright,
Keep company the iridescent stars tonight.
The patterned heaven holds a fairy-tale,
Baptized with zodiac's astral braille.
Bespangling sparkles twinkle a tune,
Basking in the light of phasing moon.
Calling forth Aurora Borealis,
Illuminated chilled spatial palace.
Planets dance around sun fires,
Painting tales of brilliant sapphires.
Waltzing  through time on lunar-beam,
Once upon a sage oracular dream.
Etched in ancient Stonehenge rock,
Historic Remnants, that  ne'er be forgot.