equality love

Written by: louis rams


what i want is a woman like you, who can share
the same dream our whole life thru.
who wants to feel " love" every waking hour
and feel loves strength and its power.
a woman who can feel our every need and emotion
and still support our mistakes with complete devotion.

a woman that with each step she has found
that she will not be beaten to the ground.
one who has a positive attitude on life
and knows what we do - we'll do right.

let's join our hearts together and become one
then our hearts will never succumb
we will beat whatever comes our way
as we fight it day to day.

a woman who is not afraid to hold hands as 
we walk down the street, and greet people that we meet.
a woman who does not want to be superior or inferior
but my equal, and ignoring remarks of other people.

i want a woman who is not afraid to fight
for what she thinks and feels and knows is right.
let's be equal you and i - for equality is a love divine

(C) L . RAMS