I'll Send You Flowers

Written by: Robert O'Brien

Flowers blossom in a day,
Sent from heaven on there way.
Brings a scent like sweet perfume,
when all in bloom...

Tis the spirit of the day,
Sending them for you to say...
I Love You!
I'm sending flowers.

It's a magic time of year,
Flowers make it all so clear,
for holidays...
I'll send you flowers!

I'll send you flowers for today,
because I love you just to say...
Something special in my way.
I'm sending flowers!

It's the thought of sending these,
Just like saying, "pretty please."
So I'll keep it all this way...
and send you flowers.

Better yet, and better still,
All in memory, living till...
As I look into my heart,
I'll send you flowers!

Maybe seeing you again,
Is but a dream and not the end!
I think of you...
I'm sending flowers.

When I give my heart this way,
It's forever in a day.
I'll just let go... and I will know...
They're just for you!

Light a candle just for me...
Be the one so I can see...
You again...
I'm sending flowers!