Power of Love

Written by: harry horsman

In a perfect world
we are raised,
then as teens some of us
discover a new emotion
called love,
in a perfect world.
But then we are not
in a perfect world,
it seems not quite as yet
by the human race
unless of course.
Religion rules and binds the ties
or one’s countries laws demands,
a one sided partnership
of shackle and chains one that
God himself demands, while woman demeaned.
But what of the power of love
is this not the equation?
one that blankets the whole of the planet
crossing the divide of religion, culture, age,
Oh! Yes
what about age,
many today believe finding love a young emotion
yet Cupid still infiltrates,
he knows of no boundaries, just keeps on plugging away
on this bow, his bloody arrows they do
pierce the most fragile of hearts
in this his global arena,
but how the hell does one handle
all of that emotion
at an advanced age.
The young yes the apprentice of love
and the old,
some are destroyed cannot handle
some buggered 
some are life’s losers, stalkers of the innocent
some spent,
but what of those astute
when confronted
with Aphrodite her of pure perfection
how the hell is one to combat that?
this a ray of sunshine in the eve of one’s years,
only by believing in the power of love!!!!

© Harry J Horsman 2013