Tender winter, the stars glitter

Written by: Ovidiu Bocsa

The beginning of December: 
All must burn their sins on embers;
Tender winter, the stars glitter,
Christmas lights fill the merry streets;
"Mos Nicolae" comes with gifts.

Let` put them in kids` laced up boots:
Books, games, chocolate, grapefruits;
The stars glitter, tender  winter:
Young girls try the mother`s lipsticks;
Some get symbolic wooden sticks;

Ignatius, traditionally
Asks pigs be cut, especially
For the good Christmas Eve supper.
As nights polish the moon` copper.
Tender  winter .The stars glitter

Yet it is “Noaptea de Ajun”;
Children will write to “Mos Craciun”;
And they will start caroling friends;
With little ploughs ,and stars in hands
The stars glitter, tender  winter:

In white ,with blessing of the heights
Transcends the  secret holy nights
The life: Nativity`s beauties;
Again, mother gives us cookies; 
Tender winter, the stars glitter.