If I Could Fly

Written by: Tuisha Sircar

If I had wings,

I could fly,

Fly away from this insanity,

Away from the turmoil of daze,

Breeze will calm me,

Airy I’ll be in the blue,

Untied from the bounds I’ll be free

Free to stretch and muse and let myself slip,

The wind will blow,

And it’ll slay my fears away,

Then I would feel the heart throb,

Also delighted I’ll sob,

And I’ll be secure and gay,

From a new vista,

From a new hope,

I’ll reach out like the color green,

Radiant I’ll be from within,

The devil of blues,

Will let me go,

Away from the grief,

As white as snow,

My emotions will show,

My heart’s not aching anymore,

And I’ll be free,

Free to live and try,

But only if I had wings,

I could fly.