Defeating the Brutality

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

Defeating the Brutality 

In a civilized world where people,
Even share the grief of their enemies
And write Poems and Songs 
When they are in pains and 
Are surrounded by sorrowful happenings. 

The soldiers of Pakistan army
Have beheaded the Indian soldiers
In disguise and have eloped
In the darkness of cowardice.

What a bravery they have shown
Making a mockery of Geneva Convention
As, such human aspects
Have no meaning for such an army
Which believes in brutal killings only.

My nation is shocked and 
The world is bewildered 
To see this brutal act of cowardice
But those who have done this
Barbaric act
Are laughing in their dark chambers
As they believe in
Barbaric cruelty and 
A denial of such acts
As not accepting a things 
Is the best remedy
To befool the world.

10th Jan. 2013