Written by: Jordan Dickinson

In your voice I felt the presence of ice
When you said we are together no longer
You had my love, my everlasting vice
Turning it away when you tried to be stronger
I had been fooled to believe it would work
You couldn't look past a single obstacle
You assumed by my smile I had to be a jerk
This timing for sorrow is nothing but impeccable 
How could you forsake the things you said?
How could you do this to me for nothing?
How come my affections you only led?
I can not believe you ever loved me. 
Promises you made and on foolishness I trusted.
If you can't keep them you shouldn't have spoken
The second burn is when my affections are busted
Tear away this heart of a spoiled sad token
I can not believe you ever loved me
I can not believe you ever loved me
You never loved me
Never loved me