Waste it all

Written by: Louise Holley

 Take your eyes off the prize
 Focus on the *****on my shoe
Don’t look at what’s good
Just look at whatever is there
When you see that good thing 
and you know it’s yours to have and keep
Look the other way,
And then choose the thing you don’t actually want

 Pretend that what you have been given is worthless
 By ignoring it
 demeaning it,
 make it last in your list of priorities

 Of the hundreds of good things you could have
 Choose the one you don’t want

 Don’t look further than the mistakes
 Just focus on the badness of that tasty apple

 Make the flaws of that painting stand out
 by mentioning them all the time

 Don’t show her when you love her
 Let her sit and wait for it

 You have nothing to prove to her
 She might see her worth to you

 Treat a princess like a whore always
 Treat her mean and keep her hateful of you

 Let her be bitter and hurt
 And then laugh at her as if she is mad

 That’ll keep her raging, eager to please
 Then you can sit back and smile to yourself

 Never see the funny side
 Let your life be dull

 Sink into your depression
 Let that gloom envelope you

 Pain is unbearable and you won’t see a way
 Put the back of your hand to your forehead 
 Let the drama unfold as you don’t try

 Blame everyone else and never yourself
 Let your life escape you

 Waste every moment you can
 Don’t go trying anything new, you might enjoy it

 Choose to be scared of your own shadow
 Make it your ambition to judge others who take risks

 Whinge about everyone else and point the finger wherever possible
 Talk endlessly about how hard and boring your life is…
 To your pet

 Don’t give a dam about what’s coming just live for today
 Make yourself and your own personal happiness your only care

 Treat others like you don’t give a **** about them
 Just be nice when you want something from them

 A conscience is for fools and idiots
 Hard hearted is harder
 It has the word hard in it

 Honesty, trust, sincerity, wisdom, kindness
 are boring words 

 Live for today for tomorrow we may die
 Do what you want to do because you only live once

 Don’t let anyone get in the way
 Show no weakness

 Take what you want and never regret doing it
 Because you are always right
 And it was there.

 Just never give a *****about anything
 And enjoy your loneliness

 Wonder why you are never satisfied.