Jornalist On His Source

Written by: Abdulhafeez Oyewole

Loyalty is the parlance journalist undergoes
 Brevity is the wit of his confessors
 Giant standing on the truth is his call
 Brilliant role is the course he is groomed to play
 He is not permitted to jail, at any cost
 Even, of his lives and property.
 Engineer of his pen are people
 Without them, he has no ink
 Though, he is tutored to the course
 But at many cost, they are is top
 They are the embryo in his tummy
 Without them, he cannot deliver
 They are the meaning to his cheery and provocative beats.
 For the truth, sounds of his lips
 For the truth, shakes of his hands
 And for the truth, moves of his body
 Lies the embodiments he dare not play with.