A Rainy Day Hoedown

Written by: Joe Flach

It was raining outside our window
And the kids were inside moping around
That’s when the idea hit me
To throw our first rainy day hoedown

I kicked off my bedroom slippers
Rolled up the legs to my long pants
Went outside where they could see me
And in the rain I started to dance

They watched, laughing from the window
Thinking Dad has finally lost his mind
Then their mother came out to join me
Splashing in the biggest puddle that we could find

One by one they joined the hoedown
As the rain continued to pour
When the sun, at last, broke through the clouds
They yelled, “Oh please, let it rain some more!”

Cloudy days no longer bothered them
As they journeyed into their adult life
And we still have rainy day hoedowns
With me do-si-do-ing with my wife

NOTE:  This poem was inspired by a Blog posted by Mustic Rose.  Thanks M.R.