Written by: mike dailey


What do you eat
When you eat what you like
Here are some clues
From your pal Uncle Mike

According to the FDA
Maggots and mites are really OK
While maggots won’t hurt you
They’re not appetizing
And flavor of mites is really surprising
So pick them yourself
Make sure they’re OK
And don’t leave this task
To the old FDA

	Chewing Gum
Gum contains lanolin
And that comes from wool
It’s an oily secretion
And that is no bull
So each time you chew
You’re chewing sheep sweat
And that is as gross
As your chewing can get

	Vanilla Ice Cream
If you read the label
You may see castoreum
And that’s a secretion
From a beavers old bum
The FDA says
It is generally safe
But its use in my ice cream
Just makes me chafe
“Natural flavoring” is how it is listed
The FDA’s humor
I would say is quite twisted