Low Down

Written by: IRIS GONZAL

Do you love me
Do you think I am smart
Do you appreciate me
Do you look at me, what do you see

When you hit me does it hurt you
When you call me stupid does it emasculate you
When I comfort you Am I beneath you
When you look at me what do you see

It hurts when you hit me
It enrages me when you call me stupid
It empowers me to know I comfort you
Look at me now what do you see

I don't love you
I am above you intellectually
I am calculating, cunning
Look at me, my back is the last you'll see.

The Love of your life
The small contributions you made
The small man that you are
The minutiae of nothing

I walk tall, with a soulful stride
You walk fast trying to catch me
I am the winner
You're a survivor

I am no longer broken
I am no longer weak
I am a woman
Then I drop a coin in your cup