Just One

Written by: Joe Flach

What would it feel like if you were to be just one
No one here but you, the moon and sun
The last man left to walk on the face of earth
No girl left here to give a new child birth

What would you do to make the time pass by
Who would make you laugh; who would make you cry
No boy to pick up a ball and to have a catch
No wife to share your love or make you lose your breath

I know at times that it may seem that way
That you might be a one for the whole day
But what if in the end, this thought came true
And to your left and right, there is no one but you

I think that this dream of mine would make me sad
To be in a world of one, I think would be real bad
My heart would feel just like the words in this rhyme
Each one of them takes one beat at a time