Outer Child

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

I kept hearing about my inner child
So I decided I should let him out
A nasty little guy always in trouble
It's the story I will tell you about

Everywhere he went he left a big mess
It was impossible to get things done
He stayed up many hours playing games
He was only concerned with having fun

He never woke up till the crack of noon
All his laundry was left in a big pile
His hair never combed looked like a rat's nest
He said it was Rastafarian style

He went over to the wrong side of town
him and all his friends painted it all red
As much as I tried I couldn't stop him
The kid wouldn't listen to what I said

When he decided, to finally come home
I was confused and didn't know what to do
My once unblemished body now was marked
The Kid came back with a dragon Tatoo

I think I was crazy to let him out
Now that I've met him there's little to say
He is a lot more than I can handle
I have decided to lock him away

Inspired by Mandy Tams
She got me to thinking about my own inner child,
be sure to read her poem "My Inner Child"