Written by: andrew delapruch

whilst things are bad for you
the person close is there &
your sad little tears come raining,
so personal & so dramatic,
flash monsoons in the middle of
a supposed dry season,
creeping up on everyone around
as if there was something new in the
whole procedure,
but we’ve seen it all before &
your colors are beginning to 
so quick to take advantage of the 
sympathy of someone &
then so quick to cast them out
when the going gets good,
without shame & seemingly
without conscience,
you walk the earth,
as if it were all freshly blown balloons
& rainbows,
perpetual sunny Spring days &
peace & harmony,
wherever you rest your feet---
always in denial, always conveniently
when it comes to knowing just exactly
what you’re responsible for,
as if you had amnesia on
speed dial.