Blind until I can see you

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

I cannot see,
Everything around me is in darkness,
I'm a blind man inlove.

I touch your face and I can feel such sensation of 
real beauty,
I kiss your lips and I can taste such purity from 
your soul,
I hold your head against me and I can smell such a  
peaceful aroma,
I listen to your voice and it raises my heart beats.

I'm a blind man and I cannot see,
But by your touch, the taste from your heavenly 
kiss, the smell of your radiant hair and the sound 
of beauty,
I can picture you,
An African queen with brown eyes and a smile 
created by love and lust combined to make any 
man fall down at your feet,
Hair that goes curly when wet that turns out 
attractive to my mind,
 And a voice to light up the darkness inside my 
mind, darkened by my blind eyes.
I now know love isn't blind but I been the blind one 
to love until my heart can see the one.