Written by: Edo Humpheryy

I'm on my knees.
I know you can hear my words,
I speak not with signs,
But with the words of my mouth,
All from my heart.
I was meant to be a king,
I found too many crown,
Oversized crown they were.
Though you met many princes,
You did not suit their head.
Even if you're made of lead,
With you I can have wealth.
He that owns a crown has the power to wear it.
You're my crown;
No matter where I go,
My people will see you,
They'll recognise you,
I'll always be with you.
You may fail to admit that my head suits u,
But without your notice,
I tested.
You suit my head.
You may be made of lead,
But you are my crown.
You stephanie-for your sake,I am now an Emperor