My Inner Child

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

There are some questions when asked
 we don’t know what to say
When there are chores to do 
 we would rather go out and play.

They tell us we must grow up
 we are doing that by the minute
They tell us to find our inner child
that really is the limit.

My inner child packed her bag
 one day and did a runner
It robbed me of all my youth
 that really was a bummer.

So I decided to recapture it
 and I am going out now with my net
I am looking for my inner child
 has anyone seen her yet.

She really was a good companion,
 I really did quite like her
We hardly ever fell out,
 the big spoon she did not stir.

If you find her lost
 and wandering all alone
Check she has a mobile 
and then ask if she will phone.

I promise I will look after her
 if she returns to me
And we can go on the rampage, 
my inner child and me.

© 8/01/2013 ~GG~