Left home I wandering-
Senseless of the day or the night-
Fearless of all fright-
But while sitting for a while-
Perhaps beside the duo colored Nile-
Sitting then I was thinking-
With salt less smile-
Where really am I heading to-
Where I am going to-
Me in myself then spoke up
I am in search of a friend-
Of beautiful mind, and kind and decent-
Wandering and pondering I kept on-
Foot marking the sand like exon-
Alas there I saw what really I wanted to see-
In the desert away from the sea-
God’s wonders,
An oasis in the desert-
Where I felt flying like Condors-
I could see in the vicinity of the stream-
Beside fluttering and dancing gem beads of water-
On the beautiful greenery a friend of my dream-
Thanking God I moved and moved and moved-
Moved near and near, to make the great aperture distinct-
Reaching there only I could realize-
It was not really a surprise-
I had really forgotten the well-known adage-
That there is something called Mirage.