That Place

Written by: Charles Henderson

Have you ever longed to go
to the place, “oh, I don’t know”
where never is already over
and the things missing, you discover
were done yesterday.
Where contempt is color blind
and shades and gray, oh my,
are better left behind intangible myriads 
of wasted day-----the why of which
eludes me!!!.  While the illusions
of truth, weigh heavy in cognizant
apparitions alluding to the 
piercing light of righteousness
from the source, always just out of sight.
Yet in plain view of the few who 
need him to be there and ready
to pick them up from the pits, of
“oh, I don’t know”- but  I know they
are there waiting.  Get a life? 
No, we had a life and blew it.
Give the baby a chance.  He won’t
fight it.  Give the squirrel and the tree
a chance, they will delight in it.  
Give the day and the light a chance.
The grey evening won’t miss 
being as dead as we are.
Give life a chance.
and love, and peace. 
yes, and love. 

Jan 8 2013