Enchanted sentinel so enduring,
Ashen stone steadfastly alluring.
Archaic aura shimmers aglow,
If only you can enlighten what you know.

Wisdom in the depths of somber eyes,
Ever watchful towards heaven's skies
Locked in inertia, vigilant alone,
Surrounded by weathered tombstone.

Mona-Lisa smile on masonry lips,
Cold and grainy to fingertips.
Stone wings convivial extend,
Envisage heaven's rapture to descend.

Frigid beauty in graveyard chill,
Sentry of Saint Peter's cemetery hill.
Stoic sentinel concrete seraphim,
The dead intone echoing hymn.

Tombs crowd on hallowed ground,
Midnight austere taciturnity profound.
Reminiscent eyes shed tears of stone,
Vestige memories of flesh and bone.

Seraphim, magistrate of the dead,
Oblivious to the remnants bled.
Mourning kinsmen come to lament,
Kith once unrepentant lives spent.