waking up

Written by: Travis Bonnell

why i stay in the past ill never kno
if i cant move on i guess ill never grow
heart still yerns for u
even tho i try to lie
i wanna hide it
but u can see it thru my eyes
pain it never subsides
i just carry it very well
all this work im doin
is it for me or really for u
either way it pushes me
and i dont think anyone can tell
but ive been wrong before 
thats too obvious
people read me like a book
but no one can tell me what happens
in the next chapter
is it wrong to want you
to wanna hold you and never let go
holdin on to the weakness
letting go would be so easy
easier said then done
release your grip on me
let my dreams rest
why stick around when you dont want to
just do us a favor and leave
wakin up inside
alarm going off
set it forever ago
this clock must be broke
one of the many things i must repair
im not mr. fix it
so again i rely on someone else
so many questions
text books are all blank
pages empty as my heart
only filled with lessons already learned
not sure were im headed
only kno were ive been
but in the end im good
letting go should be the end
but its only the beggining