New Year, New Hopes

Written by: Joe Flach

There was no one for him to kiss that night
As the ball hit the base of the tower
He sat alone at the bar in the noisy room
Drinking another whiskey he ordered sour

He thought back over the lonely nights
Of the year that had just gone past
Thinking if the future promised much of the same
He’d just as soon hope that it would be his last

But, twenty-eight years old is far too young
To throw in the towel on falling in love
You never know when the right one will come along
And be the answer to your prayers from above

She was kissed by at least a dozen men
Each one drunker more than the other
She was simply a designated driving friend
Not a one of them was her lover

She said, “How come you’re not celebrating,
The dawning of this brand new year?”
She had to practically scream it out
Even though she was standing quite near

He simply looked up with a sorry smile
And shrugged his shoulders in self pity
She wrote her number in the palm of his hand
And said, “Tomorrow why don’t you call me”

She went back to care for her inebriated friends
The bartender gave him a wink and a smile
He thought to himself, “Maybe this will be my year,
I think I’ll stay around for a while”