Mustard Seed

Written by: miriam garcia

I started to believe but my faith was tested 
And sorry to say I failed and felt sorry for my self 
When trouble came my way I folded and ran away 
But you came running after me held my hand and set me free
In other face’s you reminded me not to lose my faith in you 
That there is nothing you can’t do In a soft whisper 
I felt your in brace and my heart started to race 
And the tear’s started rolling down my face
That is when I fell to my knee’s and prayed 
Lord renew my faith day by day show me the way
Like  the mustard seed you reminded me 
I’m not least of all the seed’s 
When your faith is as small as a mustard seed 
You just have to believe 
What you can not see 
It’s greater then what meet’s the eye 
This is what the lord in planted in my heart 
Do not lose faith