The First Guy

Written by: Sean Cannon

Dear Searaphi,

You brought me in,
you shared your knowledge,
you opened my eyes,
you changed me.
So I now dance with my heart,
and play with my brain,
as if it were an instrument.
I am no longer me.
I know I am not perfect,
how foolish I am to think I know;
to know the answers you have yet to teach me,
but I do know I am me.
your friend,

Dear your other half,

you accept me for my mistakes,
for my foolish ways.
You see whats ahead of me
before I can catch a glimpse.
And I told you hwo I feel,
of these feelings that came to be,
when you opened your heart to me,
you revealed another part of me.
And out talk last night,
the brutal, taunting talk, sweet to the sound,
that relaeased my fears,
and brought new ones of losing you.
Were not together,
sometimes I wish we were.
My heard belongs to another,
but I just want to see if these feeligns are real.
For you are the first guy,
the first guy I ever came to like.

Oh right,
Yes, I am Bi,
got a problem with that?