How long shall we try to convince her to see the truth?
How long would she pretend, when the truth sits in-between her breast cursed?
Deception and lies she fed her children but she hypocritically crave for peace in the midst of injustice
She is an adulterous who slept with corruption, tribalism, nepotism and soiled her white garment on the day of marriage to truth 
At the dawn of her great tribulation, she clandestinely assembled all her bravest children i.e. Nkrumah, Haile Selassie, Lumumba, Kenyatta and lied to them about how corruption, tribalism and nepotism of the white man raped her of her virginity
They started an uprising with burning flame of emancipation in their hearts because they were willing to shed their blood for the pride of their deceptive mother i.e. Africa
I felt thunderous roars from Cairo to Soweto that broke the cord between mastery and slavery
The awaken of a lost history
Restoration of a broken dynasty
The nations ruled on the moral fiber of love and unity
Their own hailed them but their own also murdered their dreams because they stood for something that was more powerful than blood diamonds, oils, and dictatorship i.e. the truth and serving humanity
Wipe away your tears for there is no reason to love and fight for Africa; when tyrants like Mugabe, Al-Bashir, Museveni, Biya, Eduardo Dos Santos, Obiang Nguema are stealing and oppressing their own 
Oh! No truth for her
No truth for Africa