A Poem for Christmas

Written by: Terry Trainor

December, look outside and watch the young they believe in Father Christmas,
Clear sharp, bright days brace the nerves, standing under mistletoe and holly,
A feeling of pleasure lives in our heart our lungs some go for a sleigh ride
Splendid heavens, stars, full moons in the distance ring the bells of St. Mary

Snow falls in abundance frost makes the world so quiet on a white Christmas,
Magnificence ice bound rivers they come to life with sliders and sleigh riders,
Farmers with all his corn in his work done his cattle sleep in heavenly peace,
He calls his friends and have jolly dinners all sing a song about three kings.

Sounds of the flail is his music in the market there is a little drummer boy,
He sees his sheep are well tended they walk over the fields they jingle bells,
The animal family of the farmyard, are well tended in this winter wonderland,
All are busy cutting hay, chopping straw and children make frosty the snowman.

Friends meet and shake hands and tell each other to have a very merry Christmas,
As the people in the village go to bed they say goodnight wish all peace on earth,
As Christmas gets nearer we all agree it is the most wonderful time of the year,
Snow falls then hardened by a thick frost the animals sleep on this silent night.