I Drea An I Drea Dream

Written by: Timothy Jacks

Actually she classy, exactly she's precise and full of suprises> 
She cuddles , she likes to see me when i'm happy,
a diamond i rhyme on nicley, 
a kiss that is blissfull, 
she is the author,
 Heart Noble in all her Novels,
 but suppose i wrote a chapter,
 lookout now she's naughty,
 a reaction I have caused here,
 my heart has dealt her a fatal blow then,
you never know though, 
i might fold and let her bluff me,
 as i flow the Fatal blow into a rose pedal
Oh! I Drea, An I Drea Dream
And i step in dread and dread i tread in
Untill I woke up and discovered taht she was beside me
Precisely she likes the way i play inside her
In her mind Im her skys in
her eyes Bluer , bedazzled,
Now i got her feeling Jazzy
And I rule her imaginations like she never imagined