Saint Augie's Rap

Written by: Arturus Australis

"There’s things ya should be doin’

And folks ya could be helpin’

Blind ya ought to be leadin’

It’s not alright

If they’re bleedin’

Do more than just readin’

An’ dreamin’ ‘bout some eden

- a distractin’ illusion-

a selfish wound

‘gainst compassion

But it gives

A warm feelin’

So ya shun

The conclusion

That when

yer not busy being born

yer busy dyin’

But ya go on lyin’

Always denyin’

The truth that’s a lion

prowlin’ in yer


of Indulgence

‘bout to pounce

On ya peace

‘n’ ya elegance

 While ya blinkers of greed

‘n’ ya blinkers of sloth

Stopya from seein’

 death encroachin’

ya too busy poachin’

from ya neighbours ‘n’


ignorant of dangers

so ya just keep on gettin’ on

too far in to get off


Steam rollin’

Ya just have eyes

that devour

that live for the hour

that thrive on the flavour

 of personal gains

while ya  hidin’ your assets

From the capital gains-man

It’s a game man

Yer need to advance man

Up the ladder man

Gettin’ fatter and fatter

til the snake’ll take you slidin’

To the hell

yer  been  makin’

Then you’ll

be doin’

the shakin’

no mistakin’

you’ll be achin’

Yearnin’ in the burnin’

With a yen for a dollar-

yer guts’ll be churnin’

you’ll wrench at ya collar

as ya face up to the

 Fate ya were chancin’

by unheedin’ my advice: 
“Keep walkin’,

keep addin’, 

keep advancin’”