Written by: Wendia Rowe

She spoke with hate, and screamed at us
I wanted to hide and cry sometimes.
And after work, when she came home
She would always disturb our night.
I think she's nuts,her actions spoke
I don't know how I stayed so strong.
I was the main, focus of her hate
She made me feel I didn't belong.
She wiped my smiles, and hated my friends
I wonder much,but couldn't find why.
My laughter made her storms arise 
Her garden bloomed if I should cry.

There was no refuge, no chance to complain
The adults say "you need corrections".
But how do you, escape Cruela de vil,
Without the label as a child delinquent?
What was her motive,to drive me mad?
She was angry,when I made her proud
She'd strive so hard, to tear me down
I could smell her raging thoughts aloud
She comes to where, I now call home
I ask her"Mother why do u hate me so"
After her usual attempt to convince me I was mad,
She gave an unaccepted sorry,and said,"I don't know".