She Pulls the Trigger

Written by: Nestor David Armas

She holds the gun to my head
I have led her to this my deathbed,
We say not a word
I know I cannot avoid this sword,
It is her mission
I've led myself into perdition,
Made choices in my life
Mostly lived by the knife,
Cutthroat backstabber
I am safer as a cadaver,
Many would thank this vixen
They would think her a godsend,
And in this moment I am aware
Of her bullet's stare
How had it come to this?
There was no way she could miss
But I felt a pull
I wanted to empty of the hate I was full,
For having led myself asunder
From the right path; blunder after blunder,
Yet there she was this angel come to free me
I would not regret anymore, I would let go freely,
After all she is beautiful; this death bringer,
She pulls the trigger...