Imagine - If It All Ends this Way

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

Imagine all those things we love so well - the scent of sweet perfume or baking bread - have disappeared; we’ve lost our sense of smell, and with that loss, fond memories have fled! We must learn to adapt but are still graced with an ability we can’t believe is soon to perish too - our sense of taste! All food now loses flavor, and we grieve. But the worst is yet to come, and what we fear arrives one day, and all the world must mourn, for not one soul is able now to hear! We stay with loved ones not to be forlorn and cling to them when comes the loss of sight. . . our final plight - to fade into the night. *The other day I watched a movie on cable called Perfect Sense. It inspired me to write this poem. Just think of it - to lose our senses one by one until the only thing left is to cling to a loved one. That was a very intense movie!