The Path of Life

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

In the travels of my life; Through many towns and cities I went. A lot of people I met in the path of my life. Some people left good memories. Others just left pain. In that world - I learned a lot of things, I learned to smoke and drink. I also learned other bad things that maybe I shouldn't have, but they are gone now and of that I'm glad. Some people gave me joy, others made me cry, yet there was one that broke my heart and made it bleed. The bleeding stopped one day, when someone came to my life and took the pain away. At the end of my journey, very tired I returned, to you my JESUS - I kneel at your feet. Your forgiveness I ask for all the sins and mistakes that I did. Today here on my knees, I ask you to clean my soul. Please take away my sins and bury them in the bottom of the sea. Show me now a new path where I can walk with you and be free...
01/05/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo