The Tear That Perhaps Fell

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

I hear tell of eyes that did once well
Of a teardrop that perhaps then fell
It formed on the lashes and ran down the cheek
Round the nose to the mouth and volumes it did speak

That teardrop of which I once did hear tell
A might man, a giant, it nearly did fell
That perfect little salty drop of love so pure
If bottled would be the used as the world's cure

For it to form on the eye of a hardened and hurt soul
To be caused by a love returned pure and whole
That teardrop that I would take and keep forever near
Is proof of a love that needs no words of love to hear.

With my lips to kiss that teardrop away
A fingertip to stop the path it would stray
A loving heart to place in the path of a tear
I would do that for the greatest of love I did hear.

© ~GG~ 4/01/2012