A Hot Cup Of Joe

Written by: Jack Ellison

Is there anything finer Than that first cup of coffee? It's better than sex by a mile It lifts up your spirits Sets the tone for the day And forces the biggest of smiles People will wonder What you have up your sleeve They'll think you won at the track Unknown to them Is the fact you don't gamble And you're not into heroine or crack Now a hot cup of joe Is addictive they say But think of the lives that it saves It cuts down on suicides And domestic abuse That sends young folks to their graves It's a small price to pay Makes sure you're on board It keeps those Colombians employed Instead of drug runners They're coffee bean hustlers As a bonus their economy's buoyed So next time you visit A Starbuck's or such Remember it's more precious than gold For keeping us sane Our eyes on the prize Puts a stop to our brains getting old © Jack Ellison 2012